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Is Instagram Rolling Out A New Feed Algorithm?

Instagram announced in March that it would be testing out a new algorithm for user’s feed. This new algorithm would show users posts that they will most likely be interested in. The feed now shows posts that have been recently posted by accounts a user follows. Now, Instagram announced that it will be rolling out this algorithm over the next month. The initial announcement back in March sparked an outbreak with users fearing that the new change would cause them to see fewer posts, in addition to their posts not being seen. However, the new algorithm is meant to do the exact opposite.

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The picture and video social media giant stated that people miss 70 percent of the posts from the people they follow, which is why they are rolling out this new change to the feed. This new algorithm will show posts, videos or pictures, people would most likely be interested in. Instagram has noticed that users have been liking, commenting and interacting with posts more these days, and they want to accentuate that with this new feed roll out.

Another result from this change is how businesses will get their posts out to the target audience they want. If they are worried that the new algorithm will diminish their post outreach, they may pay Instagram to promote their ads. This paid promotion will get business’s posts to be seen by the audience they originally intended. Depending on how businesses respond to the new feed change, and if they will pay for better promotion, it might be mandatory for them to pay for their posts to be displayed to a larger audience. This is all in the early stages so we will have to wait and see.

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