Is Google Still the Supreme Search Engine?

The question of the hour: is Google still the most used search engine, or is Bing & Yahoo making some strides in surpassing this powerhouse? For all you Microsoft & Yahoo supporters, I regret to inform you that Google is still the search engine to use!

In the U.S. more than 67% of users are searching in Google, while Bing & Yahoo combined for just about 29%.

It does seem that Microsoft is making some strides in passing Google (probably not in our lifetime), but strides nonetheless.

However, you realize just how dominant Google is as a search engine, when you look at mobile searches; as you may or may not know, mobile searches are increasing more and more, and at present time they account for more than 30% of all searches conducted in the U.S.

For all mobile searches conducted in America, Google accounts for 83.3% of these searches! This number is staggering, especially when you see that Bing is only at 6.1%, lower than Yahoo’s 10.2%!

If you’re thinking that Bing will soon surpass Google as the number one used search engine, pump your brakes real fast!

Let’s just look at the mobile searches alone; more than 80% of mobile users are conducting their searches with Google. Being that mobile searches are steadily increasing each year, it doesn’t bode well for Bing.

As of right now, and in the foreseeable future, Google remains and will remain, for some time, the most used Search Engine in the country!

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