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Is Google Rolling Out a New Ranking Update?

There has been buzz around the webmaster & SEO community that a new Google update is being rolled out. There have been plenty of signs of an update in Google’s algorithm throughout October, with shifts being seen on October 8th, 14th and as recently as October 20th. The biggest spike in ranking has been from October 14th-October 15th and more recently from October 20th- October 21st.

It’s not just webmasters noticing these changes. Automated tools including MOZ CAST and SERP Metrics show spikes in ranking throughout the month of October. Google has failed to confirm any update in an algorithm that will affect rankings and webmasters are unable to discriminate if the changes in rankings are due to Panda 4.2 continual roll out or something along the lines of a “Zombie” update. The Panda 4.2 update, which has been rolling out since mid-July, may have some effects on the change in rankings but many webmasters agree that it is something more. The Webmasters, SEO’s and automated rank checking tools all seem to agree that Google has seen a larger change that would be comparable to a release or new updated ranking algorithm.

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