Is Google Rolling Out A New Ad Extension?

Google Text Ads has just gotten a new extension, and it is sure to help advertisers showcase their services, products and now prices! What this extension will do is show a list of prices below the main copy ad on mobile. This extension will also offer advertisers the first opportunity to showcase pricing information for multiple products and services. What makes this extension such an important update to Adwords is the amount of space it will take up on mobile devices. The image below shows what the price extensions will potentially look like.

Google Example of Price Extension


These extensions are not going to show up right away as Google is still rolling out this feature. To get prepared for when they become available to you, here are steps on how to set up these Ad extensions. When the feature becomes available you will need to add a header which will be the clickable title. Next you will have the option to add a small description of the service or product that can be up to 25 characters. After that you can set a price for the service as well as adding a URL to the landing page the extension represents.

Important Information for Price Extensions

  • You can use one URL for multiple extensions.
  • Price extensions can be set at account, campaign or group level.
  • Price extensions should be relevant to the keywords in an ad group as well as the products being advertised.
  • There is a minimum of three extensions and a maximum of eight.

Since this is a new feature, Google is only allowing price extensions to start off on mobile only for the start. In addition, the only Ads that will be available for these price extensions are Ads that are in the top position. With the popularity of this new extension as well as how much screen space they will take up, the competition to get the top position will rise.

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