Is Google Introducing ‘Temporarily Closed’ for Google My Business Page?

There seems to be a new feature about to be released in the Google My Business section and instead of only open or closed permanently, the new status of temporary closed might be available for some businesses that might be closed for the season or renovation.

Many of you who are reading this might be tempted to log in to their Google My Business page already, however, the option is probably not available yet. Most of the business pages are still displaying two options, mark as permanently closed and remove listing. So, unfortunately, the only way to mark your business as temporarily closed is to create a post in the Google My Business Forum. The post needs to have your full business details and then ask for the help of a top contributor to escalating the issue.

Another reason for you to think about before posting on the Forum is that your business must be closed for more than 2 weeks and their website supports the closure. This change is only visible in the Knowledge Panel and still be seen as permanently closed in Google Maps.

Here is an example of how you can ask for help to get a top contributor escalating the problem.

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