Is Google Chrome Starting to Block Ads?

On February 15, 2018, Google Chrome will start blocking a large variety of advertisements, so as a business, it might have a significant impact on your website.

Why is Google Chrome Blocking Ads?

Google currently makes a large amount of income by displaying ads on websites. However, many other third-party ad blocker plugins currently prevent a lot of Google ads being displayed on websites. So, this move by Google will restore Google’s own ads to the previously blocked sites.

Is Google’s Ad Blocker Bad for Your Business?

Google’s ad blocker will actually benefit many web publishers who rely on advertising revenue. It will allow Google’s own visitor-friendly advertising and get rid of any intrusive advertising. Google will provide a tool that allows you to fix your site to make sure it will conform to the Better Ads standards.

What Kind of Ads Will be Blocked?

The category of advertising that will be blocked is basically any ad that blocks users from reading the content comfortably. Please follow this link to see all the categories of advertising that will be blocked.

How to Know if Your Ads Will be Blocked

So, is there a way to know if your ads will be blocked by Google? Google will provide a tool that will scan your site and issue a report of any pages that are violating the Better Ads standards. If they are violating the standards, you have the chance to fix it and resubmit them for approval.


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