Is Google Analytics a Search Ranking Factor?

A commonly asked question: does a Google search result favorably for your site if you’re using Google Analytics? Discover the underlying assumptions of this question and how you can improve your site to rank higher.

What Influence Does Google Analytics Have On My Site?

Google Analytics is not a ranking factor. GA is a tool that allows you to measure return on investment and better understand your user’s intent. Google has made its intention about analytics clear, as it is a platform to discover user intent and what key factors can contribute to ranking higher. Therefore, Google Analytics is not used for search quality when it comes to ranking. Whether you use Google Analytics or not use it, it won’t affect your rank within Google search results.

That being said, the properties and features found on Google Analytics can be applied to your site to boost your rank. Although there is no direct correlation between your rank and GA, you can utilize features such as Audience, Realtime, and Acquisition. An SEO Specialist would provide you with insight into what each of these three features entails. Still, the general overview of each is that you can understand the users, new users, sessions & durations, locations, traffic source, and bounce rate, all from GA.

How Can I Improve My Ranking Without Google Analytics?

Aside from using Google Analytics, several other platforms can identify keywords and factors to improve your rank. Although none of these platforms will rank your site on their own, they provide necessary details on how you can make the implementations yourself. A few recommendations include Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and Google My Business

Google Search Console focuses on keyword queries used by searchers when looking to find a site similar to what you offer as a business. The queries will be listed in order of what is used most frequently and which keywords directly correlate to your site. Therefore, if your company is a deep-dish pizza parlor, those four words may be most successful for users looking to find your site.

Google Tag Manager is used to track the conversions on your site. Whether someone clicks to call or wants to book an appointment, these features can be tracked using GTM. This will help you better understand user intent. If users are finding what they need from your site, you’re likely to have a large number of conversions in relation to the number of users. If users are simply just passing through, you may have a low conversion rate, indicating that you may need to provide more context about your business to the site.

Google My Business helps tremendously with local search results. If your business is in specific proximity of the user searching, your site will be catered to their results. This can help drive traffic to your site from local clients, possibly bringing in new users.

How Can I Get Started?

Whether you’re interested in creating a Google Analytics account, Google Search Console account, Google Tag Manager, or a Google My Business profile, our SEO experts at Boston Web Marketing are happy to help. To get started, contact us today by calling (857) 526-0096 or emailing us at We look forward to working with you soon! 

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