Is Flash Good for SEO?

Adobe Flash, formally known as Shockwave Flash and Macromedia Flash, is a software platform used for creating graphics, animations, games, and a handful of other applications. It can also be used to add streaming videos, advertisements and interactive multimedia because it can detect use input such as mouse clicks/movement and keyboard strokes

So is Flash good for SEO?  Bottom line, no. Flash was once very popular but with the emergence of the SEO industry, the usage of Flash has been on a steady decline.  The reason behind this is because search engine algorithms cannot read Flash.  Anything on your website that is made with flash is essential not there in the eyes of search engines.  Without search engines being able to read the Flash content on your site, it cannot determine the value of your Flash multimedia.

So what do you do if your website is made with Flash? The best thing you can do is get rid of it.  An alternative to using flash is converting it to HTML5. Adobe has a tool that converts Flash to HTML5.  HTML5 is readable by search engines and will make your website SEO friendly.

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