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Is Facebook Testing New Mid-Roll Video Ads?

With the popularity of videos on Facebook on the rise, Facebook is testing out a new way to implement ads within videos on news feeds. These new ads are going to be called In-Stream Videos and they will be triggered after a user watches a video for 20 seconds. These mid-roll ads will be limited to 15 seconds and Facebook will let advertisers choose which categories of videos of where their ads will appear. For those of you that are against Ads, have no fear as these mid-roll video ads will only appear during Facebook videos that have a total run time of at least 90 seconds.

Who would want to make a video that long if audiences only have a short interest in a video or if they dislike ads? Well just like YouTube, Facebook will be giving publishers incentives to make longer videos so the In-Stream Videos can be used. Facebook will be offered 55 percent of ad sales to those who make long videos that will run their new ad system.

A report shows that as of last January, there were 100 million hours of video being watched on Facebook everyday. With this in mind, it is no surprise they are trying to profit off of advertisements with all the videos surfacing.

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