Is Facebook Becoming More Mobile Friendly?

As if Facebook wasn’t already mobile friendly enough, they are making more updates to their Graph Search to help users navigate their site more efficiently.

Facebook has been running tests on their mobile Graph Search, and according to InsideFacebook, the launch may be introduced sooner than expected. The test shows great promise, as its in-depth integration for mobile web users has all the same innovative features as its desktop counterpart.

You can now search for news and topics that interest you, and you have the opportunity to view what other people are saying about the topic.

The test shows a prompt issued to users that encourages them to search for news topics; once a user begins typing a search, they can see top results that includes a breakdown of people, events, photos, pages, posts, places and apps.

The test indicates that the web version will be able to handle the same complex search queries the desktop version handles. It also has the capability of showing queries friends have searched, as well as what they are involved in (events, likes, posts, etc.).

When asked about this new update, Facebook said that they were only testing improvements to their mobile search.

If this test ends up becoming a reality, which we think it will since mobile searches are increasing more and more everyday (it’s about 30% of searches right now), users will enjoy an easier and faster way to search through Facebook.

Facebook is working on improving their mobile search features, what does that mean for Twitter? Most likely, Twitter too, will start working on a program to improve mobile search features.

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