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Is Apple Enhancing Their Maps App?

A recent report from Bloomberg has stated that the Apple will be enhancing their maps with the help of drones. These drones will help Apple Maps by collecting data and help with accuracy updates for map users. Apple received permissions from the FAA to use drones to collect data as well as take photos and videos. These drones will be capturing construction sites, street signs and road changes to help speed up live updates for users of Apple Maps.

Another feature Apple is continuously working on is indoor location. Although these updates are not yet public, Apple has been working on indoor location in their maps app since 2013. Apple hopes to finalize the indoor location feature for maps soon, as it will help increase user experience for the app’s users. Hoping that users will have the ability to pin their location when they are inside a building rather than their location being pinned  outside of a building.

With Google Maps still being the preferred method of GPS usage on mobile devices, these changes are a step forward to help Apple Maps get a competitive advantage over Google.

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