Is AMP the Only Way to Go?

Whilst on a go, have you ever tried loading up your site on mobile? Do you ever wish it could be faster? Well, users have reached a point where they expect immediate actions when browsing through a website and if you are not prioritizing your visitor needs, you are essentially ruining their user experience and could potentially hurt your business. Google are pushing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) heavily and there’s nothing we can do about it, however, there are other ways to help increase your page site for the time being. Here are some helpful tips that can help increase your page speed without having to use AMP:

Plugins: Having too many plugins will slow down your site. You should think why you need them and what is the purpose of having them on your site. Deactivate and remove any unnecessary plugins and update your active plugins.

Images: Reducing images will save your load time by not making users wait for multiples to load. JPEG is your best option. PNG is also good, but it may not be supported by older browsers.

Securing your website: Having an SSL certificate will keep your data safe and secure. Another plugin we recommend installing is Wordfence.

Cache: Clearing up cache will give more room space and will speed things up a bit. Keep in mind that this change will only be a sleight change

User experience is one the most important factor, therefore it is best to re-evaluate your website with a web developer and tackle the speed issue down. Speed is the key for your users and if you can focus on those four things, will dramatically speed up your sites and improve your rankings.

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