Is AMP Available in Google News?

The Google News Blog just announced that Google News is now amplified. This means that users can go to Google News on their mobile phones and see AMP content and load that content in an AMPlified mode. As Google said to the public before, “AMP or accelerated mobile pages, allows websites pages to load faster on mobile devices.” Google News was the next obvious step for Google to take with AMP; now users can now get their news faster on their phones. When you click on a story in Google News, it shows the AMP content and lets you swipe between stories. Check out forum discussions about Google News having AMP on Twitter and at WebmasterWorld. Learn more about AMP and how it can affect your SEO on our blog! Here are some images of the Google News carousel in Google News on iOS and Android with AMP powered icon:

Google News
Google News headlines
Google News headlines

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