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Is A Single Page Website Good For A Business?

There is a surprising trend of single page websites getting more and more popular. Many companies are now preferring to use single page websites over multi-page ones even though the phrase “content is king” still has a high ranking factor bonus. So, could a single page site actually hurt your ranking with Google, if so, why are many companies still using single page sites?

Better Mobile and User Experience

It’s no longer a secret that mobile searches have surpassed computer searches which are one of the advantages of using a single page website. Also, people are more likely to convert because the navigation is very simple in a single-page site and people would not wait more than 15 seconds for a page to load.

Help Your Audience to Target The Content You Want Them to Know

When using a single page website, it’s easy to control what your audience will see and avoid them to click a page that has less importance. In SEO terms, if you are target only one keyword or just a few keywords, you can present all of the information on one page. However, people might get frustrated if they don’t find what they are looking for and thus increases the bounce rate.

Lack of Wide Keyword Targeting

Although single page sites are good for user experience and helping users targeting the content, it doesn’t help your site to rank well on Google because it doesn’t allow wide keyword targeting. One of the benefits of having multi-page sites is it allows you to rank themselves on Google for every page created for every keyword. If you are trying to expand your business presence in your local area, it is recommended to have a multi-page site that contains different keyword page.

Single Page Sites Do Not Offer Specific Details

Single page sites could not simply fit in as much content as multi-page sites. You would not be able to go very detailed in a specific keyword and visitors might just not find the information that they were looking for on a single page site. The high bounce rate could end up hurting you at the end.

The Takeaway

As a SEO expert, I would say that single page websites are not as good as multi-page websites in terms of SEO purposes, especially when you are a local business looking to increase your customer base. Businesses that are currently adopting a single page website is most likely going to be a national client with well-known recognition in the first place such as Apple or Plastics Unlimited.


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