Introducing The New Google Event Search Feature

Google announced last week that it will be rolling out a new search feature today geared towards helping users find events. This announcement comes just in time for summer and all it’s outdoor concerts, art festivals, beer tastings and more. The search feature is for the Google app and mobile web searches and will showcase events listed and registered on sites such as Eventbrite and Meetup, among others.

How The Search Feature Works

Simply open the Google search app and type a phrase such as “outdoor concerts in Boston this month.” Just as a user searching for “restaurants near me” would be met with a scrolling carousel of restaurant options, users searching for nearby events can now quickly scroll through a list of events within the given time frame and location. The search feature also works for searches labeled “today,” “tomorrow,” or “next week.”

How To Display Your Event

The search engines recommend using third party websites to create your structured data, also known as schema markup. We recommend heading to and choosing the structured data items from the event type section.

Word to the wise: be sure that each individual event has a unique URL and that there is, in fact, an event taking place at some point in the future. Also avoid markup on any promotional material such as announcing 50% off tickets for an event.

Not sure how to use schema markup or need help organizing your online events? Contacting an SEO company in Boston such as Boston Web Marketing is a strategic move that can save you the time and hassle of having to figure out this new feature on your own. Contact us today.

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