Introducing Facebook Stories!

There’s a new way to share your life and it’s on Facebook. Facebook has just introduced stories, which is the latest Snapchat-like feature. It allows you to share pictures and videos in a slideshow for a 24-hour period.

Accessing Stories

There are two different ways to access stories. The first way; you can scroll to the top of your newsfeed on the Facebook app to create your own story or see your friends stories. The second way to access stories is to just swipe right from any screen. While there’s no way to “like” stories, you can reply to them.

Posting Stories

Posting a story on Facebook is a lot like posting a story on Snapchat or Instagram Stories. Press the circular button at the bottom of the screen to take a picture, or hold it down to take a video. Then you can send it as a message to any of your friends, post to your timeline, or add to your story. When adding a picture or video to your story, it will stay live for a 24-hour period before it disappears. When sending a video directly to a friend, they can view it twice before it disappears. Facebook allows you to record a video for a full 20 seconds, and you can save your pictures and videos to your camera roll.


The main difference between Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories is that Facebook allows you to add an animated filter or border before you begin recording. To view the filters, swipe up and down to access your “favorite” filters (the last eight filters you have used). You can also click the magic wand icon on the bottom to view an entire library of filters. While you can’t add Emojis or stickers to your story, there are a lot more filters and skins to choose from than Instagram Stories or Snapchat.

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