Fall Marketing Internship

Boston Web Marketing is looking for spring, fall and summer interns (full time or part time) eager to assist and develop with us in our rapidly growing business!

Boston Web Marketing, located at 1 McKinley Square, in downtown Boston, we are a full-service web marketing company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and Web Design.  We pride ourselves in significantly increasing traffic to businesses by getting their websites to the top ranks of search engines. The detailed tracking we provide our clients and our use of cutting edge technology ensures exciting and successful results.  Coming from a background in online, newspaper, yellow pages, radio, and outdoor media advertising, the Boston Web Marketing team has an expansive marketing background.



What we’re looking for:

  • Junior or senior level college student
  • Someone ambitious, driven, and has the ability to manage themselves
  • Working towards a Marketing or Advertising degree (preferred, but not required)
  • Reliable, responsible, and can work in a timely manner
  • Experience in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and WordPress is preferred
  • An active or knowledgeable social media user (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Possesses verbal and written skills
  • Able to work at least 10 hours a week

What you’ll be doing:

  • Marketing businesses through Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating and managing social media pages for clients
  • Designing/building content for client’s websites
  • Analyzing and creating reports of SEO results
  • Writing blogs and articles for our Social Media pages and website
  • Creating mass marketing emails for potential clients