Internal Server Errors And How To Fix Them

Have you ever gone to a website and seen a 500 Internal Server Error? It can be scary for beginners, especially if you do not know how to deal with these errors independently. Solving these errors can be challenging, and it may be unclear why this error happened or what caused it. It is essential to know that something is wrong when you see this error, which needs fixing. Internal server errors mean something is wrong with the server, and it is experiencing problems loading the website. When this happens, an error appears on the website that is visible to all users. These internal server errors may be temporary and can be fixed on their own. In other cases, these internal server errors are due to an actual issue and will need to be fixed to go away. Please look at some potential causes for an internal server error and ways to fix them below!

What Causes An Internal Server Error?

Many different things can cause internal server errors. These are general problems with the server and cause a temporary glitch when going to the website. Below are some ways that may cause an internal server error on your website.

  • Broken .htaccess file
  • Malfunctioning third-party themes and plug-ins
  • Exceeded PHP memory limit
  • Permissions issue

Broken .htaccess files and exceeding the PHP memory limit are some possible configuration issues that can cause an internal server error. If plug-ins are recently installed and potentially conflict with other software, an internal server error is also possible. This is also true for installing a new plug-in, and the update is now compatible with an older plug-in. Lastly, permissions issues can cause an internal server error because certain software may be blocked from being able to do its job, which causes permissions to be faulty.

How To Fix An Internal Server Error As A User

As mentioned above, some internal server errors can be fixed simply by giving it time and returning to refresh the page. Before trying anything crazy or contacting others to help, refreshing the page may be the trick! Although not every internal server error is that easy. See below for ways to fix an internal server error that popped up on a website.

1. Check if the website is down

Sometimes it is hard to know if a website is down for all users or just you. To figure this out, go to Down Detector , , or Down For Everyone or Just Me.  These websites will help to determine why the website you are seeing has an internal error and whether or not it is just you experiencing the problem or all users. This is important to know before you go ahead and perform any other troubleshooting.

2. Delete your browser’s cookies

If the error has not gone away after giving it time, returning to the page and refreshing it, and checking to see if it is down for others, try deleting your browser’s cookies. Start by clearing your browser’s history and go back to the website and see if it loads. If this still doesn’t work, it is also a good idea to clear your browser’s cookies. Cookies can sometimes be connected with a page with an internal server error, so it is a good idea to delete these cookies and see if it resolves the problem. 

How To Fix An Internal Server Error That Is On Your Website

If you have your own website, you understand that with the internet and ever-changing technology, there is always a chance of things crashing or temporarily glitching. If you have an internal server error pop up on your website, look below at a couple of ways to resolve that error. 

1. Deactivate a plug-in or theme

Recently added themes and plug-ins could be the root cause of the internal server error on your website. Sometimes when fewer plug-ins are installed on a website, you find fewer problems, and the website runs smoothly. If you feel confident touching your own website, carefully deactivate the plug-in or theme, or try uninstalling the software add-ons one at a time to see if it is helping with the server error on the website. You must do these one at a time to prevent worse crashing or damage to the site. If this is something you are not familiar with or comfortable doing, it is important to reach out to a marketing company or someone knowledgeable in this area. 

2. Check your website .htaccess file

There may be improper coding or structure with your website’s .htaccess file, and that could be causing the internal server error you are seeing. A .htaccess file is crucial for managing resources in a browser cache. To check this, locate your .htaccess file through your file manager and look at the coding and structure. It may be possible that this needs to be edited because specific coding errors can cause a 500 internal server error to your site. 

3. Check your PHP setup

You must ensure your PHP setup is configured correctly. If it is not, there is a good chance it can lead to an internal server error. Creating time-out rules or plans to automatically resolve the case in your script is an excellent idea if the issue is related to the PHP setup. In addition, there may also be permission issues in your PHP script that will not allow the script to run correctly. To figure this out, check your permissions and ensure they are set correctly on your server. 

4. Contacting your hosting company

If the above tips do not work for fixing an internal server error on your website, it may be something that your hosting provider needs to fix. You must let your server know of any problems you are experiencing and if you made any installations or updates to the site that could have caused this. To get the fastest recovery possible, you must let your hosting provider know everything you have done in the past few hours/days that could have caused this error. With the correct information and their knowledge and expertise, they will have your site back up and running in no time!

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