Internal Links: What They Are & Why They’re Important

When you travel to a location, regardless of what mode(s) of transit you’re using, there’s almost always more than one way to arrive at your destination. When it comes to your website traffic, this is also the case, as there can be a multitude of different, unique ways for users to arrive at any given page on a website. Depending on your web strategy, for instance, users can arrive at your website through a link posted on social media, or, alternatively, they can use internal links, which we’ll be discussing how to utilize in today’s blog! To learn more about internal links, keep reading below!

Internal Links: By Definition

As the name would suggest, internal links are URLs that redirect users to another page on your website. Though relatively simple in concept, it’s smart to know when and where it’s appropriate to implement internal links. If you don’t know what a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is, it is a unique web address that simply locates a page on a website.

Though the process of attaching internal links is easy enough, you’ll want to make sure it’s relevant to the subject or focus at hand. For example, if you were a landscaping service and were constructing your ‘About Us’ page, you could link the word ‘landscaping’ to redirect to your landscaping service page.


Ex. “We formed in 1999 with a clear goal in mind, to provide the best landscaping service to homeowners in Encinitas”

Inversely, if you were to use an internal link on your landscape service page, you could write something like what follows below:

Ex. “To learn more about our story, origins, and goals when it comes to landscaping, click here for more information!”

Typically, the more understated and subtle your internal linking is the better, as you don’t want to deviate too far from the subject at hand. In many cases, web developers don’t even use verbiage such as “click here” and instead will attach an internal link to a simple buzzword. This is seen in the very first example, but another example could be:

Ex. “Homeowners in Encinitas will be treated to great service and a stunning landscape from our team of professionals!”

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