Internal Links Vs. External Links

Think of links as pathways or roads on the internet. Without them, how are search engines supposed to get from one site to another and from one page to the next? Links are essential in making your website easily accessible to both users and search engine crawlers. Including links in your SEO strategy will prove beneficial to how search engines rank your website. Here are the different types of links and how they each benefit your website’s SEO. 

What are Internal Links?

If you have ever been on a website, it is almost guaranteed that you have come across a link or two while browsing the site. These are what we call internal links. Internal links are those that are controlled by the persons running the website. They link from one page on your site to another, connecting relevant content so users can easily explore more of the website. 

How are Internal Links Beneficial to SEO?  

Internal links are used to give your website’s content a strong structure. Including links on all of your pages will increase your chances of ranking higher. More pathways throughout your site will help search engine crawlers keep on crawling through more of your content. Internal links also help increase user experience, which has become a crucial part of SEO ranking factors. Strong links make navigating the site easier and help users find information faster. 

What are External Links?

Many SEO professionals argue that it is more beneficial to focus on external links, which may be true. External links are those linking from another website back to yours. They provide a great source of inbound web traffic to your website if coming from a relevant source. Building external links give users and search engines ways to find your website. 

How are External Links Beneficial to SEO?

All major search engines look at external links as confidence and popularity votes toward your website. The more reputable sites that link back to yours, the more authority your site has in Google’s mind. When building these links, make sure they are relevant to your site’s content, or they could harm you in the long run. Buying links or participating in link farming is considered a bad SEO tactic. The best strategy to build external links is to create content that other sources find valuable enough to share with their audience. 

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