Integrating Language Targeting on AdWords

Digital marketing in the 21st century requires advertisers to market to a diverse audience that’s comprised of people from a number of different nationalities and backgrounds. By appealing to as wide an audience as possible, the potential for yielding more business greatly opens up. One way to capitalize on this is to use language targeting on AdWords.

Search Campaign

Whether you’re marketing to an international audience, or simply a multi-lingual one, it’s important to abide by AdWords’ rules and guidelines. This means keeping in mind that AdWords doesn’t translate ads for you, as you’ll be expected to translate each ad on your own.

When setting up a search campaign with language targeting in mind, Google recommends that you create separate campaigns for each language you plan to write your ad in. Regardless, you should target all audiences with each campaign, as multi-lingual people may search using a number of different languages. In addition to not translating ads, Google doesn’t translate keywords either. This means if you plan on creating ads in two different languages, you’ll need to translate your keywords as well.

Display Campaign

For a display campaign, Google expects you to translate your image ads so that they match the language you’ve decided to target. Google has the authority to not approve any ad and will then likely prevent any ad created in a language other than the one selected in settings from appearing.

While you can choose where your ads appear based on choosing the placements (websites), you can also have Google decide where your ads will appear based on remarketing or by selecting keywords that will then allow Google to find a relevant site. This will also require you to use separate campaigns for each language that you want to target. The next step will then be to decide on an appropriate budget to allocate to each language-based campaign.

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