Install Apps Directly From Google’s Search Results on Android

This new tool allows Android users to download apps directly from Google’s search results, which avoids the Google Play Store entirely. In order to reveal this feature, simply open your Google app on your Android and search for a specific app you wish to download. Usually, once you click on an app it would direct you to the Google Play store. You will now see an install button located on the top of your search results page, making it a lot easier to download apps to your android.

Since this is just the beginning of the rollout, downloading apps instantly through Google’s search results  may not be available to all android users. Also, this feature is not yet available on the chrome mobile browser yet. Certain users might be directed to the Google play store just like before since it’s still in the early stage. Mobile users are become more and more dependent on apps to assist them with daily tasks, Google needs users to keep coming back to their site. This new update will make it easier to download apps and avoid the nuisance of having  to go back and forth between search results and Google Play. Keep a look out on your android for this new and easy feature!

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