Instagram To Warn Users If Their Account Will Be Disabled?

A new change to Instagram’s account disable policy is on the way and it includes warning users before their account is deleted. This notification feature will give users the opportunity to appeal the content that was removed from their account. When content is removed, it is usually for violating the community guidelines. If it is found that the content was removed in error, then Instagram will restore the post and removed the violation record.

This is important is because it allows publishers to save their content in the event of a wrongful removed. Before, Instagram would give no warning before they deleted an account but would do so to accounts that have had multiple posts violate their terms. With this new change users, for the first time, will now be able to submit appeals immediately and possibly have their accounts restored. Below is an image of what the notifications will look like on the app.

image of instagram account removal notification

Other Policy Changes

As mentioned earlier, Instagram removes accounts that have multiple posts that violate their terms. The photo-sharing giant is rolling out a new policy where it will remove accounts with a certain number of violations within a certain time period. This change will allow Instagram to enforce policies more consistently and hold people accountable for what they post on social media.

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