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Instagram Tests Sharing Stories Directly to Facebook

Instagram has been spotted testing out sharing stories directly to Facebook. While Facebook has their own version of stories, Instagram stories will most likely be uploaded in the same place. In Facebook, they’ll appear in the stories section as if they were created there, except they’ll have an “Instagram” label underneath the user’s name.


Even though Facebook has more active users, their stories feature has not seen as much activity as Instagram’s stories feature. Facebook has added new features and confirmed that stories are coming to desktop, but nothing so far has worked to get more users. Instagram stories has seen aggressive placement on it’s own app, and by testing this feature, they will be able to see if Facebook stories will get more usage.


Instagram already allows users to share their photos on Facebook as they are posting them to the platform, but no content is shared the other way around.


If this dual sharing feature takes place, you’ll be able to add your story to two places at once!

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