Instagram Introducing Algorithm Based Feed

This week Instagram announced that it is updating its traditional reverse-chronological feed with an algorithm-based feed. The algorithm based news feed will show posts out of order according to what it believes people will fill find more interesting. This update stemmed from the idea that people on average miss 70 percent of their newsfeed.

The order in which users will be able to consume images and videos will be based on the likelihood that they will find the content interesting instead of the most recent content posted.

Now content will be ordered based on:

  • How likely the user will be interested in it.
  • The user relationship with the person posting the content.
  • Timeliness of the post.

Again, the focus of this new update is to re-organize user posts. All posts by the accounts that you follow will still be included, but will only be featured out of order. Introducing a timeline similar to that of Facebook seems to be the trend for social networks who are looking to boost engagement. The new update is expected to roll out within the upcoming months

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