Instagram Debuts Tool To Label Sponsorship Posts

Instagram has become a great platform for businesses and celebrities to team up and publish promotional and sponsored posts. These posts aim to piggyback their organic audiences and promote a product or great service. When these posts were published there was not a solidified way to tell audiences when a post was paid. This issue has caused many issues with the Federal Trade Commission’s disclosure guidelines – until now.

Instagram is now rolling out a feature that will let celebrities and other users who have their posts paid for to add a sponsored tag on to their posts. This will be available for both regular posts as well as a user’s Instagram story. This tag will read “Paid partnership with [brand name]” when people view the post. Instagram has not released a statement on who this feature will be available to but they did say they will test it with a few partners. Instagram has also sprinkled some incentives that are to come with this new feature.

Those who use the partnership label on their posts will be able to see how that post is doing, which could help businesses calculate their ROI. Brands will also be able to view for themselves the reach and engagement stats for tagged Instagram posts through their Facebook Pages’ Insights tab. For post that will be appearing in people’s main feeds on Instagram, publishers will be able to see each paid post’s reach and engagement analytics such as the number of likes and comments. For posts that go on a user’s story, the publishers will be able to see how many times that post was seen, how many times people tapped forward or backward from a post, how many times people left the Story after seeing a paid post and the number of times people replied to the paid post.

All of these insights on the new paid post tool will be very beneficial for businesses in their goal of better social media engagement and advertisement of their products or services.

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