Instagram Adding E-Commerce Element to Advertisers’ Stories

If you are a business or advertiser that sells products online and you have an Instagram account, then you are in for a treat with Instagram’s latest feature to their Stories. The photo-sharing social media platform added a new element to their Stories feature, that will help businesses with their e-commerce efforts. Brands and advertisers can now add a shopping bag icon to their Instagram Stories that will show more details about a product they may be featuring in their Story.

What Does The Feature Show?

Once users click on the shopping bag icon in a Story, a display will appear with various types of product information, including images of the featured product, images of other products contained in the Instagram Story, descriptions, and pricing information for the product in question. Advertisers can also include a link that leads directly to the brand’s website to purchase the product being mentioned in the story. This newest element of Instagram gives a whole new realm of engagement as users can now shop from “select” brands in Instagram Stories.

This new feature is still being tested so the shopping bag icon is only available to certain brands. However, once it is in a full rollout, it will be available for all advertisers and brands to use.

Why Instagram Stories?

Since its incorporation, Instagram Stories have been a huge factor in how users interact with each other and their followers, with over 300 million people using the Instagram Story feature daily. In a recent user survey, it was revealed that people on Instagram use Stories to learn more about “brands they’re interested in, getting an insider view of products they like, and find out about new products that are relevant to them.” Another interesting tidbit is that brands and products are getting a boost in interest if they were shown in an Instagram Story.

What makes this update especially important is that it will help direct-to-customer brands tenfold. Direct-to-consumer brands have used Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms as their main path to getting their target audience to know about and purchase their items. By adding a direct shopping aspect into Instagram Stories, brands can get the products they want to be sold to more members of their audience target and makes purchasing that item that much easier.  In addition, brands using social media platforms have seen an increase in value with Instagram Stories versus a Facebook Ad campaign they may be using. This is primarily due to the fact that some Instagram Story CPMs are half the cost of in-feed Facebook Ads.

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