Insights Into Google’s Core Update

As we know, there are no rule books describing exactly how each of Google’s algorithms works. It takes some time to learn the ins and outs of the many changes Google makes each time an update is done. The same is the case for Google’s December 2020 core algorithm update, which is said to be a relatively large one. Here are a few insights collected from researchers to give you a first glance into the new update. 

Pay Attention to Headings 

It is becoming clear that Google is heavily using headings as a ranking factor in this new update. If you think about it as a searcher, we usually glance over a page briefly and read only the headings in order to decide if the page is relevant to what we are looking for. Writing headlines that describe the content and give the reader a quick summary of the page will most likely improve your rankings with this update. Remember, Google wants to provide the most relevant results for the user, so write and structure content accordingly. 

Focus on the Big Picture 

It is difficult to pinpoint precisely what Google changes in each algorithm rollout. SEO experts are stressing the importance of looking at these updates as a bigger picture as opposed to trying to figure out the focus of the change. It is impossible to keep up with the unknown fluctuations of the algorithms; instead, work on keeping your site relevant and well maintained across all URLs. You will eventually become aware of what works and what doesn’t. 

Keep Up-to-Date on Google’s Information

Even though Google doesn’t explicitly say what each update includes, it does give you hints if you know where to look. One trick is to check Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines and pay close attention to the changes made. This gives you insight into what Google aims to improve about search. You should also pay attention to Google’s blog posts about core updates to get the most relevant information on what may be coming. 

Most experts agree that this update doesn’t include any large areas of focus or changes that are easy to point out. Like most updates, the December 2020 core update is going to take time to understand. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we are dedicated to helping your business stay up to date and optimize for these updates. Contact us at 857.526.0096  to speak with our team today.

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