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Industry Specific SEO Best Practices

Understanding SEO best practices for your business is a great way to stand out among your competitors. Utilizing off-page and on-page tactics can help get your business ranked higher so that you are more likely to get traffic to your website. When it comes to planning your SEO strategy, looking at what works best for your specific industry. We outlined a few key things to pay attention to in the 4 most common industries: home services, retail & eCommerce, non-profit organizations & restaurants. 

Home Services 

Home service small businesses that use SEO will see a huge increase in ranking on search engine result pages. Due to high competition in this field, and the keyword searches that end in “near me”, having high visibility is key. With our home services clients, i.e. contractors, insulation companies, electricians, putting focus and emphasis on keyword strategy is highly important to raise visibility. Our recommended SEO strategy for home services is focusing on page titles and meta descriptions – and not minimizing the importance of the long-tail keywords, for example, “electrical services near me.” Optimizing keywords into your business model and website can greatly increase your chance to be found on any search engine results page. 


The challenge that comes with eCommerce and retail SEO strategies is making sure repeated pages aren’t seen as duplicate content. With multiple products that may have different colors or sizes, using a canonical URL is critical in making sure search engines understand the context of the pages. If search engines pick up on your website and think that you are using duplicate content, it can greatly impact how you rank on search engine results pages. Additionally, another SEO trick that can be great for retail businesses is to have multiple service pages for various locations. The more pages you have directing back to your website, the more likely it is that you will be found through search engines. 

Non-Profit Organizations 

For non-profit organizations, where most of the priorities are on attracting donors and volunteers, content marketing is critical. Making sure that you are utilizing social media platforms to show followers what your organization does and how it helps is a great way to attract more supporters. Progress pictures and team spotlights are a fabulous way to humanize your brand while also showing the importance of getting involved. Additionally, although non-profit organizations should work together, looking at the larger competitors and seeing what works for them is a great way to rank higher. 


As a restaurant, having a strong presence online can be life-changing for your business. As seen throughout the past year, not having a strong online presence can greatly impact the success of one’s restaurant. Optimizing your website so that it includes an online menu, contact information, and call-to-actions all before the fold is great to quickly capture attention when someone lands themselves at your restaurant website. Another great SEO tactic that can be incredibly useful for restaurant owners is to define your target audience and target location before anything else. To better match up with searches such as “take out restaurants near me,” having strong keywords that match up with your location and audience is an incredible way to start ranking higher and to increase your website traffic and conversions. 

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