Index Bug Still Affecting Google Search Console

As you may have heard, webmasters probably have been receiving messages from Google Search Console about issues with their websites. This was all a result of an indexing bug that occurred when the platform fully switched to its the latest version. While the overall indexing bug was resolved last week by Google, the platform is still recovering from the issues to webmasters need to sit tight for a little while longer as the platform recovers.

The main thing to take away is that the issue with search results has been resolved. If you are wondering if your pages are index even though Search Console is saying otherwise, they are so you can breathe. To double check this you can do a site search on Google to see your indexed pages. Some issues that webmasters may still see in search console, what it is still recovering from, include:

  • Not having updated index coverage and enhancement reports.
  • URL inspection tool may return data that is not reflective of the live status.

Google has shed some light on these instances by informing webmasters that the URL inspection tool can still be used to resubmit pages. However, the status report might not be correct for the resubmitted pages. Google has been relentlessly working on these issues and will provide issues once all mistakes have been resolved.

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