Increasing Your CTR Through Meta Descriptions

  • Take a look at your competitor’s meta descriptions. Don’t copy them word for word, but take some ideas away from them. What words or phrases can you use? Which features do they highlight?
  • Along with competitors descriptions, look at paid ads meta descriptions. Because there are only so many characters allowed in Google, you know they’ll be using important keywords.
  • To get a user to click, raise their curiosity. This may not necessarily work for a meta description, but it’s good for social media accounts. Using phrases such as:

o   Discover how…
o   Find out how…
o   You’ll never guess what happens next…

These phrases will keep people guessing & urge them to click to find out what happens next!

  • What makes you unique & different from your competitors? Do you offer any free benefits such as free shipping? Include that so users know!
  • Using numbers makes your title or description more specific therefore making it appealing to a user. For example, “Learn how to do 10 pushups in 30 seconds” sounds more enticing then, “Learn how to do a pushup”.

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