Increasing a Website’s Page Speed

A critical aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) is making sure your site loads quickly. This is a ranking factor as Google and other search engines want pages to load quickly to provide users with a positive overall experience. If you have ever experienced a site taking too long to load, how often do you wait around until it loads? More often than not, you are clicking the back button or opening a new browser altogether. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we wanted to write an informative blog on what to look for when increasing your site’s speed.

Where to start increasing site speed

Hosting Provider

Your website’s hosting provider can have a direct impact on the speed of your site. Your website’s hosting provider manages the servers where the files of your site are physically located. If you have a second-tier hosting company that doesn’t have the capability to support the number of sites they are hosting or a site your size, this will slow download speeds. We recommend a few different hosting providers based on our experience managing sites in the past. If you have questions regarding hosting recommendations, contact us today! 


If you had a site rich with images, this may be slowing things down. Don’t fear though! While the images currently on your site may be slowing your speed down, you won’t need to remove the images you have taken/uploaded to make your site visually appealing. Compressing images allows one to minimize the image’s file size without changing details of the image. There are a few different tools one can use to perform this including specific plugins depending on the content management system your site is utilizing.

How to see insights on site speed

Understanding and analyzing site speed is more than just typing in one’s URL on a pc or laptop with a stopwatch nearby. If you feel your site is loading quick enough, it is still beneficial to investigate where Google is ranking you in terms of speed. Again, since it’s a ranking factor, if a competitor of your site has an equally good site but loads a little quicker, the competitor’s site will rank higher. 

Utilizing PageSpeed Insights, a free tool provided by Google, allows you to understand what is taking the longest to load for your site. As more than 60% of searches occur via mobile devices, this tool lets you see both load speed for mobile and desktop.

If you are looking to increase web traffic and inbound, organic leads for your business, give the experts at Boston Web Marketing a call today! Our experience in the local market in addition to our partnership with Google allows us to provide our clients with a top-notch SEO and website management/design experience. Questions regarding our service or increasing your site speed? Our number is 857-526-0096 or fill out a convenient online contact form!

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