Increase Your Traffic With Long-Form Content

Long-form content, consisting of 3,000 words or more, has proven to increase traffic towards websites and amplify shares compared to short-form content. Your search rankings will undoubtedly boost over time by shifting your focus to creating quality, long-form content. Continue reading below to discover ways to create genuine, preeminence long-form content.

Who or What You’re Targeting

When writing your long-form content, it’s essential to use critical thinking. Engage your audience with your content. It’s important to tailor your content towards their preferences. Instead of skimming the content, create something easy to read. This way, you can create in-depth content that your audience reads and understands. To rank highly and be deemed helpful by readers, long-form content must have substance and purpose: search engines value-rich, in-depth content over short, condensed content.

Ways to Incorporate Long-Form Content

In addition to improving organic reach and social media algorithms, long-form content also gets more social shares. An audience on social media is one that already follows you so that you can share long-form content with them directly. These platforms naturally make engagement more accessible, as it’s easier to like, share, and comment by logged in users. On the other hand, blogs and some websites require users to create an account before engaging. Establish yourself as an expert by providing engaging information, answering questions, and establishing your authority. Your focus topic will inform how you do this. Next, consider the business goals you wish to achieve. Be careful not to overextend yourself in this category. It’s not possible to meet all marketing objectives in one piece, so consider a few that align best with your chosen subject and audience and include graphics, images, and videos as well.

Engaging Strategies

To create engaging long-form content, you must break up some of your paragraphs with other context. Below are a few examples of how you can do so:

  • Incorporate Visuals
    • Data has proven that content with images receives more engagement than content without images. Videos also work to increase engagement.
  • Ask for Feedback
    • If your audience is looking for information, be sure to ask them whether the post answers all their questions. By including an interactive element, your audience will not only be engaged, but you’ll also retrieve data that can increase other features on your website or marketing strategies. 
  • Both Inbound and Outbound Links are Essential
    • Inbound links should direct the audience to related posts, website pages, or other long-form content that you provide. 
    • Outbound links should direct the audience to be related but not competitive content. It’s essential to include other references in your content, so leading them towards an infographic, for example, may be a non-competitive route to take.

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