Increase Your AdWords Success With AMP

Though Google AdWords doesn’t officially support AMP, you can still use AMP to improve your conversion rates. In order to understand how AMP can help your campaigns, it’s essential to know what exactly AMP is and how it works. AMP, standing for accelerated mobile pages, is an open-source initiative aimed at improving the mobile web. AMP contains a stripped down HTML code that makes web pages load rapidly on mobile devices, improving the user experience significantly, which is Google’s overall goal. Though AMP itself is not a ranking factor, Google will reward sites with fast load speeds and as Google is moving toward a mobile-first index, it is important to consider for your business.


If you are running an AdWords campaign, chances are a high percentage of your ad impressions are coming from users on a mobile device. If your ads are set to appear on all devices, it is imperative that your website is mobile-friendly. Even so, mobile-friendly web pages can still load slowly on mobile devices for several reasons. If you are running an AdWords campaign but your landing pages are loading slowly, you are not only missing out on potential conversions because of speed issues but also paying for the clicks that bring people to your site, even if they leave immediately. For obvious reasons, it is best to avoid these potential issues and get the most out of your AdWords budget.


By creating AMP versions of your landing pages, you’re likely to see a decrease in bounce rates and an increase in conversions. By sending people to pages that load faster than normal pages, users are much more likely to take the time to interact with your site, visit more pages, and learn more about the products or services you are advertising. For assistance with your AdWords campaigns or if you are thinking about running campaigns for your business, visit our AdWords Service Page to read more about how we can help you get more business.

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