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Increase Organic Traffic with Google Discover

Google Discover is a feature that has been around for nearly three years now. It’s not widely popular, but the sites taking it seriously have seen a considerable increase in organic traffic. If you are looking for more ways to increase traffic to your site, use these tips to become featured on Google Discover. 

What is Google Discover?

Only available on the Google app for Android or iOS, Google Discover is a personalized newsfeed that provides articles relevant to your search habits. From what we have seen, they are only articles, and there aren’t any e-commerce opportunities available.

The articles that populate are based on your interests and what Google has seen you searching for in the past. 

The indexing works the same as regular Google organic. There is no special process you would need to follow, but there are a few requirements you would need to follow to be featured. 

How to Be Featured on Google Discover

Schema markup

One of the biggest requirements that all of the featured articles have is schema markup. There is either article schema or news article schema. While “article” is the most common type of link to be featured, some feeds may include recipes or other types of content. The only constant is that schema is definitely involved.

Unambiguous topics & click-worthiness

The recommended articles are typically very broad on their topics, however, the articles themselves are unambiguous. Ones that specifically mention specific names of celebrities or cars or other topics are all good examples. 

Additionally, articles that are a little clickbaity also end up performing well. Hinting at something but not revealing it in the title is good at drawing in clicks, and they’re properly rewarded. This title, as well as an image, should all be included in the schema markup. 


Fast loading pages are important to being successful on Google in general. It seems to be even more important to be featured on Google Discover. Of all of these requirements, this seems to be the most difficult one. 

Measurements of Success

Once you are done optimizing for Google Discover, you will want to learn how to measure its success. So far, the most accurate data source is Google Search Console. An extra tab will appear in Search Console that will show Discover traffic separate from regular web search traffic or Google News if you have that. 

As of right now, it’s messy to try and get this traffic information through something like Google Analytics. For your overall traffic, it’s blended in with organic and direct.  

Increase Organic Traffic with Boston Web Marketing

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