Incorporating the People Also Ask Box Into Your Content Strategy

Since it was first incorporated into search results in 2015, the People Also Ask box has been available in up to half of all search results on both Google and Bing. This makes it more common than featured snippets, which only appear in a fraction of search results. Optimizing your content to appear in the People Also Ask box will help boost your organic rankings as well as help you come up with content ideas when performing general searches to see what your potential customers may be interested in. Learning how to tailor your content to potentially appear in the People Also Ask boxes can be helpful.

What is the People Also Ask box?

The People Also Ask box is located near the top of the search results on the page and relates back to the initial query. The box appears as an accordion with four similar questions and answers that are related to the initial query. Responses are typically available as text, though Google has reportedly been testing videos as answers as well. By clicking through the answers, Google can generate more related answers to similar questions. 

How can I make the People Also Ask Box work with my brand?

Exposure is a key benefit from the People Also Ask box. While potential customers may not be looking specifically for your business, they will likely be looking for similar services and by showing up in related queries, you’ll be able to appear to be the expert in your region. While the links that appear as featured snippets won’t be able to appear on their own as traditional organic results, the links in the People Also Ask box are able to appear in search results, on the first page and beyond. Tailoring content for the box can also help perform both content and keyword research. You will be able to see what people are searching for, the terminology used to find results, and what your competitors are ranking for. This can help inform your content strategy and determine what keywords to feature in your blogs and service pages. 

How can I get my links to appear in the People Also Ask box?

Make sure in your content you use full and complete questions and answers, avoiding using bullet points and fragments. Avoid using adjectives and answer the question concisely, without going into a sales pitch. For a better chance of appearing in the section, consider implementing Q&A Schema markup for added coding language easily crawlable by bots and search engines.

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