Inbound Marketing & SEO Together Achieve Efficiency

Inbound Marketing & SEO are tactics aimed at placing your business at the front line of your targeted audience. If you are a business owner who is familiar with SEO, but not inbound marketing then this post is for you.  When used together Inbound Marketing & SEO can become a successful marketing strategy for your business.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a tactic used to engage the users on your site. It consists of marketing practices intended to convert visitors into customers. These methods involve blogging, social media, keywords, landing pages etc.

What is SEO?

SEO efforts are intended to help you rank higher, and provide search visibility. In essence, you are optimizing your site through various marketing activities to improve your site’s search rankings. This comes in the form of using correct target keywords, making sure URLs are appropriate using internal linking and more. SEO is constant as your site needs to be kept up to date as new innovative tactics launch every day.

How Do They Work Together?

SEO efforts focus on drawing attention to your site, based on what the user is looking for. Once a user has found your site, your inbound marketing practices engage your users by focusing on the information they want to receive from you. These efforts are directed towards content that is useful and valuable to the user while also remaining interesting and relevant. They work together by focusing on two different sides of the sales process. While SEO attracts the user, inbound marketing focuses on delivering what the user needs and closing.  They make the ultimate duo and one that you should definitely include in your strategy for your site.



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