In-house SEO vs Agency SEO

When opening a business, there will be certain tough decisions you will have to make that will determine if your business will be successful. One of these discussions is choosing to do SEO on your own or paying an Agency to handle your SEO for you. To some business owners, this is a no brainer decision but to others, this is a hard choice to make. Below we will cross some key points to think about when deciding if you should do in-house SEO vs agency SEO.

Type of business

First, you have to think about the type of business you have. Some businesses will naturally have a lot of competition because of the area they are located in. If you are trying to open up an auto body & there so happens to be 5 other auto bodies in the area, then you should think about the amount of time you will need to put into SEO yourself just to stay on top of the SERPS. If you have a business that is unique & may not have a high volume of competition you may think about doing In-house SEO yourself as long as you are able to maintain it.

Knowledge of SEO

The most important part about SEO is having knowledge about SEO. SEO is a very intricate side of Google that most people do not know. If you have a previous SEO background or agency experience in the past this may help you be able to do some in-house work. However, not being in the SEO agency for as little as 2 months can set you back. SEO is always changing & advancing, you will need to make a decent amount of effort to make sure you are caught up with Google’s latest trends. If you have no experience with SEO then an agency is the correct move you should make. While working with an agency you will learn a lot about SEO & they will be on top of all the new trends for you.


In-house VS Agency SEO may come down to how much it costs for some business owners. When doing in house-SEO you have to think about your business & if it is manageable. Having an in house SEO team is basically like having another company within your own company. You will have to manage this team & pay them as your own employees. Agency SEO will have set prices for specific tasks & bundles. This is completely relative to what you need & want for your company. It depends on your specific business, only you can make the right decision.

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