Improving Your SEO in 2016

If your New Year’s resolutions seem a little too ambitious, at least resolve to take your SEO strategies a bit further. Three of the most crucial elements of SEO in 2016 include content, link earning, and the experience.

Generating Content

This year, utilize some tools to help get some ideas for content. Tools such as SEMrush and Linkdex allow you to view your competitor’s keywords by search volume. Once you’ve discovered new keywords for your content, check out what social networks have received similar content the best in the past.

Link Building

Rather than using typical whitepapers, try using product samples for reviews or giveaways. Exclusivity creates interest and it isn’t as saturated as other link building techniques. This is also a great way to break from common link building techniques and use more traditional marketing strategies.


Rather than putting too much effort into conversion optimization, review what your website visitors are doing on the site so you can better understand which call-to-actions to use. Consider tools such as Lucky Orange and Optimizely to better understand if you are putting up pathways or roadblocks.

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