Improving Your Google Advertisements This Holiday Season

If you are running Google advertisements for your business, it is key to stay on your toes in order to get the most out of your investment. There are several advantages of using Google AdWords to better your business and simply by taking advantage of its various features, you can maximize your profit. As the holiday season begins and minds start shifting toward gift-giving, it is essential to adjust your advertising strategy to one that will adhere to these changes. Use our tips to change your advertising strategy this holiday season to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Create A New Campaign

Editing and keeping track of your holiday ads will be much easier if you make a campaign for the holiday. Create ad groups based on the products or services you are advertising and track which are performing well.

Take Advantage of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a valuable tool that you should be using in your ads around the year but particularly this holiday season. Sitelink extensions will help you get users directly to the page you want them to visit on your website and visual sitelinks will grab their attention and help bring them to click on your ad. Call extensions will help you to make direct, immediate contact with customers and better your chances of converting. Explore the various ad extensions to see which would be best for your particular ad campaign.

Shopping Campaigns

Because so many people are buying gifts in the months of November and December, shopping campaigns can be particularly effective. Not only will this show users your product, but you can sway them further by adding a “Special Offer” link that will help convince them yours is a great deal.

Include Holiday Terms in Keywords

Your keywords for each ad should include the standard keywords you would typically use plus a list of holiday-specific keywords. For example, if you are selling women’s blouses, in addition to adding the keywords you would ad for a regular campaign, add other keywords such as “women’s blouse Christmas gift.” Because many people will be searching how they think, it is best to include specific holiday-related keywords in your ads.

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