Improving Page Speed to Get More Traffic

One of the most important factors for your website’s rankings is your site speed. Page speed has an enormous impact on a number of the most important web metrics, including how long visitors stay on the site, where you site ranks, & more! With so much to gain from having a properly optimized and quickly loading website, it is important to do everything you can to improve your site’s speed. If you’re interested in learning more about how to improve your site’s speed, keep reading below to learn tips & tricks!

Get Quality Web Hosting

One of the most important things you can do to improve your site speed is to avoid budget web hosting. However, your hosting can have a major impact on the speed of your site, meaning that if you decide to cheap out on your site hosting, your website’s functionality will suffer. Ensure your site is running as quickly as possible by avoiding overstuffed servers. If you decide to purchase budget hosting, just know that there will be users who try to load your site and leave because it’s taking too long.

Enable Caching

Another thing you can do to improve your site speed is to enable caching. Caching allows your browser to save parts of a site, which significantly speeds up the loading speed of every subsequent page they visit on your site. After the page has loaded once, you will not need to load those cached elements on every other page which will help improve user experience and site speed.

Optimize Images & Videos

Uploading too many poorly optimized & over-sized images or videos can quickly slow down your website. Ensure you don’t upload images that are much larger than necessary. If an image can only be displayed at 400 pixels, don’t use an image that has 1000, as it will simply slow down the site. Another tactic for reducing the space & resources that images take up is compressing the images. This will help improve the loading times on these images.

Be sure to optimize your videos whenever possible as well. Many of the same tactics can be used for images, including choosing the right format, compressing the file, and ensuring the dimensions are properly fitted. Another couple of strategies that many optimizers use is getting rid of the audio if it isn’t needed, as well as uploading videos to Youtube and embedding them to reduce the amount of content you need to load on your site.

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