Improvements on Weather Search Results on Androids by Google

It has been recently announced that Google updated the weather search results for android devices just in time for winter storm Jonas rolling in through the Northeast. Now the Google App on Android phones will have a wealth of new information added on their “weather” searches or “weather-related” questions. For instance, for questions like “will it snow today” on the Google App will now include:

-Hourly sky conditions

-Chances of rain

-Severe weather alerts

-Detailed 10-day forecast

-Air quality

-UV index

-Sunrise and sunset times

Now you can be prepared for the next snowstorm and stay dry with the upgraded weather experience in the Google App on your Android mobile devices! The update also includes a new display design with changing background colors that responds to the sky’s condition and you can now save specific locations you want to see the weather for. With these new Google App weather updates you’ll be able to take on the day no matter what the condition is outside! Google App Weather update

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