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Improve Your SEO with Content Audits

A common question we often encounter is how to increase a client’s rankings organically on the search engine results page. If a website ranks low, perform a full in-depth website audit and find where the website needs optimization. After performing a website audit, a content audit will also be required. Remember that even if there is content on your website, it may not be high quality and optimized with the keywords your business requires. Let us dive into what a content audit entails and when you need to perform one.

What Is a Content Audit?

An SEO content audit includes assessing your existing website content and determining how you can increase the quality to drive more organic traffic to each page. This evaluation includes qualitative and quantitative thinking as you identify what works for your business and what could decrease your current rankings. Throughout this process, focus on if your content is relevant, accurate, and readable for the user. While SEO tends to cater to Google’s needs, we must also focus on the user experience.

Why You Should Audit Your Content

Throughout your audit, it is vital to determine what content opportunities exist and what steps are needed to optimize content. Auditing your content will strengthen your current strategy and allow you to organize your content, whether it is high-ranking or not. This time is critical to establish your goals and help clarify your plans for new content creation. Continue reading to see when you should perform a content audit on your website.

Low Organic Traffic

A great time to perform a content audit is when the organic traffic to your website is down. Various reasons lead to low organic traffic from competitors outranking you to updates in Google’s algorithm. Before panicking, use the tools necessary to identify why your traffic may be lower than expected. Use Google Search Console to ensure no indexing issues, drops in impressions, or average rankings are impacting your performance. If you find that pages that used to rank well are no longer doing so, run them through a content audit to refresh the data for accuracy, readability, and relevance to your business.

Outdated Content

Another leading factor in poor content performance is out-of-date information. An essential part of Google’s algorithm is ensuring that they provide websites with valuable and relevant information to users. Refreshing your content ensures that you are a part of the conversation and become a credible source of information. To complete this portion of a content audit, identify which content hasn’t been updated in over two years. If the content is still relevant, consider updating your backlinks, enhancing your targeted keywords, and giving your content the credibility and competitive edge needed to outrank the competition. Learn how you can re-optimize your content today!

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Upgrade your content strategy efforts by including a content audit to refresh and enhance the information your provide users. It is particularly important to conduct an audit when you are making significant changes to your website. Throughout it all, the look and feel of your content should remain the same. Contact Boston Web Marketing to begin increasing your website’s traffic and receive a free website SEO audit!

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