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Improve Your Mobile Website Using These Tips

Prioritizing Mobile Websites

In yet another move by Google to stress the importance of mobile browsing, they released two new tools to help improve your mobile site. Follow along to learn more about each of these new tools and some other viable options to get insight into your mobile site speed.

Google’s Mobile Scorecard

Google’s Mobile Scorecard tool uses Chrome User Experience Report data to compare the mobile speed of multiple websites at once. Google has claimed the tool is capable of reporting insights into thousands of websites from 12 different countries. Give this tool a try and see how your website shapes up compared to your competitors!

Impact Calculator

Google has created another tool specifically designed to show the monetary value of having a mobile-friendly, optimized website. You are able to input your domain and it will tell you the current speed of the site and will then allow you to see the monetary value in estimated annual revenue after improving your mobile site speed by 0.6-6.0 seconds. Click here to try out both of these new tools!


Pingdom is a great tool to use that measures your desktop site speed. Though this tool isn’t designed to analyze mobile websites, it will give you a thorough report about what exactly is slowing down your website. You can use this information to make changes and decrease load times.

PageSpeed Insights

Google’s classic tool PageSpeed Insights will give your mobile website a speed and optimization grade. Below the two grades, you can find page statistics and suggestions for optimization. Use these suggestions to make changes to your website and check back afterward to run another test.

Get Help Optimizing Your Mobile Site

If you aren’t sure how to make the changes necessary to improve your mobile site performance, Boston Web Marketing is happy to help! We offer a range of digital marketing services including search engine optimization, paid advertising management, social media management, and website design. Contact us today for a free quote on speeding up your mobile website!

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