Important SEO Terms to Know

Though we may want it to be, search engine optimization isn’t always the most straightforward thing in the world. It is a practice that can contain many tricks and intricacies that easily cause confusion among web marketers and business owners alike. Most notably, SEO is home to distinct terminology that may be difficult to understand at first. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at prominent SEO terms and what they mean. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

Getting Familiar with SEO Jargon

As is the case in many other industries and fields, SEO has its own distinct terminology that can be difficult to understand, but don’t get discouraged! We’ll be exploring some of the most important terms below!

Alt Text – Short for alternative text, alt text serves a simple yet effective purpose; describing what an image contains. In any case, where an image fails to load, alt text will tell users what the image would have depicted. Alt-text is also helpful for accessibility purposes.

Meta Description – Search results primarily consist of two things – a page title and meta description. Though self-explanatory, a page title describes what the search result is, while the meta description goes into further detail. A meta description is short, to the point, and relevant to what the page contains.

Keywords – Another simple term to understand, keywords can be best described as words or phrases that you target in your SEO strategy. They can be anything as simple as the services your business offers, for example, or the area your business is located in.

301 Redirect – As the name would imply, a 301 redirect indicates to a search engine that a page has relocated to another location on the website. Let’s say if you removed a page from your website that you found to be no longer appropriate, a 301 redirect will sway all traffic towards the removed page to another location.

SERP – Whenever you search for something on a search engine, you are met with SERPs. Simply an acronym for Search Engine Result Page, SERPs are what users see as they explore through Google, Bing, or other search engines.

Sitemap – A sitemap is a comprehensive list of all the pages of a website, and when submitted to search engines, they can help guide users to a site more accurately.

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