Important SEO Tactics for Businesses

Search Engine Optimization is an all-powerful tool when it comes to increasing your web exposure and driving potential new clients to your website. Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years or opened up shop 3 days ago, knowing these important tools will help you gain leverage in an ever-changing digital landscape. Below are 3 important SEO tactics for businesses of all industries and size.

Google My Business

According to a study that was conducted across many different countries, nearly 40% of all users between the age of 13-18 are more likely to get their information from a snippet, such as Google My business, or other search platforms. Google My Business is a necessary SEO tool as it provides users with immediate information on your business; such as the services provided, the hours of operation, coupons, deals, and much more. Having this layer on top of your website increases search visibility while giving users easily accessible information. With this shift in younger users utilizing these snippets, it shows how people are adapting their search methods surrounding Google and the frequent updates that are implemented to increase reliable & trustworthy search functionality.

Website Security

This might seem like a given, but with the rise of digital scammers, and hackers gaining access to private information, one of the most important things you can do for your website is to secure it with an SSL Certificate. This layer of security provides users with the reassurance that their private information won’t be compromised when they sign up for a newsletter, or submitting their credit card information when making a purchase. When you secure a website, you not only provide the user with immediate benefits of security, but you will also show up higher in search as Google has begun to penalize pages that are not secured With an SSL.

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed optimization is important because, as the heading suggests, it is how long it takes for a webpage to load. This is equally important because if a site uses a lot of large format images or an excessive amount of plugins & code, it can greatly hinder the performance of your website, thus potentially turning users away from your website. It is important to have a quick page load time, as a growing majority of search is done through mobile, and when paired with slow speeds, you hurt your chances of drawing in new business. To improve your website speed a couple of easy fixes are: add caching to your site, reduce the number of active redirects, and optimize your images. For more insight on site speed and what it can do for your business, view our blog from last week

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