Important Off Page SEO Factors Explained

You may be familiar with the phrase “content is king” when it comes to digital marketing and that is true, but off-page SEO is crucial to your website as well. If you’re having trouble with your pages ranking well on SERPs, off-page factors could be the reason. It’s everything that happens off of your website that impacts rankings. On-site factors include content, site structure, and speed, but mostly everything else falls in the off-page category. It’s a great avenue for creating more awareness and exposure for your company online. Don’t forget this important piece of the equation. Below are some of the most important off-page SEO factors.

Link Building

When it comes to off-page SEO, link building plays a huge role. Links help build the internet, after all. Google’s PageRank takes backlinks seriously; the quality of backlinks to your webpage is critical in your pages ranking well. High-quality links aren’t always easy to come by, so it’s important to take advantage of when you can. Never buy links; it’s more about quality than quantity when it comes to link building. Make sure that anchor text is relevant and topical. Your website appears more trustworthy when it’s being shared on reputable and respected websites. High-quality content that addresses search queries will lead to your website being naturally linked. 

Social Media

Standalone, social media doesn’t provide tons of value for search engines. It works in conjunction with your other channels to help you reach more potential customers. Quality posts that engage users can help draw users to your website organically. Social shares may not directly lead to better positioning on SERPs, but increased traffic to your website and more users engaging with your content is a surefire way to improve your rankings. There is also a customer service aspect of social media as well, don’t forget to manage your business and promote on social media. 


Reviews on Google are one of the most important factors in ranking locally and in the snippet results. A large amount of positive reviews will have a huge impact on your business in many facets. Reviews directly on Google and other trusted review sites provide authority for both readers and search engines alike. Potential customers or visitors can see reviews of your business before making a decision to contact you. Ensure that you stay on top of your reviews and address any issues or false reviews immediately. 

Off-page and on-page SEO work in conjunction to build a high-performing strategy. With some factors being out of your control, it can be a little disheartening when you don’t see results. That’s why it’s essential to stick to best practices while developing a plan for your off-page SEO. 

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