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Important Google Analytics Reports to Use

For any business owners with a website, one of the most important tools to use is Google Analytics.  This tool will tell you if all the SEO efforts you put into your website are actually working. To better understand your marketing performance, we’ve put together a list of reports to use.

  1. We now live in a world where the majority of mobile users are surpassing the number of desktop users. Being mobile friendly is so important that Google will penalize you if your website is not mobile friendly. Knowing how well your website performs on small screens is important for showing up in SERPs and pleasing your users. A mobile performance report will show you where you need to make improvements for optimizing your website for mobile.  It also tells us if your website is performing badly on certain devices.
  2. A traffic acquisition report will show you if your ads, posts, etc. are actually generating any traffic to your website. With this report, you can see the analysis of your traffic sources- referral, direct, organic search and social. You can see the amount of sessions, % new sessions, new users, etc. that come from each source.
  3. For those who create a lot of website content and are getting overwhelmed with tracking it, a content efficiency report can help! This report helps to track entrances, number of pageviews, bounces and goal achievements. This report can also help answer questions like, “what content is shared the most?” and “which type of content (text, images, etc.) is most engaging for users?”
  4. To receive insight about visitors to your website, use the keyword analysis report. This report will examine the most searched keywords to your website. It will show visitor metrics, rate of conversions, goals completed and the load time for each keyword. You’ll be able to determine which keywords are actually working for you, which ones need more attention and how many help your goals.
  5. A landing pages report will tell you how your website users are entering your website. Whether it’s from Google or from a link you shared on Facebook, this report will tell you. We’re able to see how exactly users are interacting on the website. It may show that some pages have a higher bounce rate so then you’re able to make these pages more engaging to decrease said bounce rate.

Google Analytics is an important tool to use for anyone with a website. The reports, mentioned above, are only a few examples of how this tool can be utilized!

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