Important Elements of Good SEO Content

The purpose of content has shifted throughout the years to provide more value to the person searching. Google has adapted its algorithm to favor the audience rather than the website producing the content. Some key elements can help websites produce the most effective content that is relevant and valuable to the searcher. Create good content by incorporating these key elements and avoid major SEO content mistakes

Effective Metadata

Metadata is one of the most critical parts of the content. It acts as a sneak-peak to what the content is about, and it can help the user decide whether or not they want to keep reading. Use up to 160 characters to entice the searcher to click the link and receive an answer to their question. Use call-to-actions and incorporate keywords to get the most out of your metadata. 

Powerful Headlines

Headlines are meant to help your content stand out from the competitors. They serve as the first impression for the reader, and if they aren’t compelling, the reader won’t continue. Effective headlines boost click-through rates and gain more views. 

Create Content with Searchers in Mind

Google has adapted its algorithm to have the searcher’s best interest in mind, so it’s essential to have content that does that as well. If the searcher isn’t happy with the content, then Google won’t be happy either. Content should meet the specific needs of the searcher to have a more enjoyable experience. 

High Value & Readability

In any case, content should produce a solution to a problem or answer a question. No one likes reading an entire article just to find out the answer isn’t provided. Content should always provide as much value to the reader as possible. Many websites on the internet are looking to answer questions, so be sure to differentiate yourself from the competition by providing valuable content every single time.

Lastly, 9 out of 10 times, a user won’t read an entire article. If there are paragraphs of text that make it difficult to read, your bounce rate will be very high. Use H2 and H3 tags to help break up sections, and create paragraphs throughout the article. 

Incorporate Socials

Including buttons on your articles that allow users to share them to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest will increase the number of views your URLs receive. The goal is to make sharing information as easy as possible, allowing them to share it within their own networks. 

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