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Images can help your website to look more visually appealing and can also display examples of your best work. However, from a search engine optimization standpoint, images can be more harmful than helpful on your website if they are not optimized correctly.

In order to combat this problem, there are a few steps you can take to make your images more easily readable for a search engine.

1)      When naming your file use a descriptive name instead of something like img001.jpg. If your image is a picture of a sailboat you saw in Hingham, MA you could name your image sailboat-hingham-ma.jpg.

2)      Use the <alt> attribute within HTML which provides a description of your image. Search engines can use this alt tag to identify what your image is about.

3)      Put a caption somewhere around your image that will help people visiting your website to understand what the image is. Under the picture of your sailboat you could provide a caption such as “Rhodes 19 Sailboat in Hingham, MA.”

4)      Use anchor text within your website. If you are providing a link to your image from another page on your website use an accurate description of what the link is about. If you are hyperlinking to your sailboat photo your anchor text that is hyperlinked could be something such as “Picture of Rhodes 19 Sailboat in Hingham”

5)      Lastly once you have added images to your website and optimized them for search engines it is important to add your images to your xml sitemap and then resubmit this information to Google. This will help provide Google with more information about your website.

By Jeffrey Pucko

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